TR100 Contrastive Type Coin Acceptor

TR100 Contrastive Type Coin Acceptor

Model No.︰TR100

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Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

TR100 - Contrastive Type Coin Acceptor

1. Operate with the game machine's standard. Switch to the correct mode with N.O. (Normal Open) and N.C. (Normal Close). Usually use Normal Open.
2. Switch to the correct speed (pulse) of coin machine. FAST: 30ms short pulse signal. MEDIUM: 50ms medium pulse signal. SLOW: 100ms long pulse signal. Usually switch to "MEDIUM".
3. Before using the coin acceptor, we should put a sample coin into the "coin holder" in advance. And, the coin acceptor will only accept the coins which are exactly the same with sample coin.
4. There is a "sensitivity switch/knob" which controls the tolerance between SLACK and STRICT. Adjust it to a suitable position according to the accepting ratio you want.

5. Can connect with the counter.

6. Packing - 1Pc/Box, 30Box/Ctn, Carton Size- 48cm*35cm*27.5cm.
7. Basic Parameters:

  • Voltage: DC+12V

  • Coin diameter:22mm-28mm+20%

  • Coin thickness:1.8mm-2.8mm

  • Temperature:-15C ~ +50C

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