Deluxe Bullfight Machines (4 Models)

 Deluxe Bullfight Machines (4 Models)

Model No.︰BM-A1/B2/C3/D4

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description


  1. See How the Machine Works By Video [WMV]

  2. System Structure: Main Body + Inflatable Mat + Metal Control Cabinet  + Air Blower

  3. Main Features:

    • High Quality Painted FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Body or Coated With Emulated Fur.

    • Stereo High Quality Sound Effects Speaker Matching Spanish Bullfight Music

    • Automatically Stop Working When Rider Falls Off.

  4. Operable Action: 360-Degree Spin, Fluctuate Up & Down

  5. Technological Parameter :

    • Site Requirements: 4m x 4m Square Horizontal Ground/Floor

    • Working Voltage & Power Consumption: 110V-220V & 1800W

    • Maximum Rotational Speed: 18 Revolutions/Min

    • Maximum Elevation: 30 Degree

    • Maximum Depression: 30 Degree

  6. Net Weight: Approx. 150Kg

  7. Packing: Plywood Case, L220cm*W100cm*H170cm, 320Kg

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